Bahama Adventures

Bahama Adventures

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There is never a dull moment in the Bahamas. whether you just want to bask in the sand on the beach, shop at boutiques, or enjoy fresh seafood straight from the ocean. This adventure awaits you in Paradise every day and every night. Shopping is therapy at the Paradise Island shops where you can find special souvenirs for friends and family back home. Then you can visit fashion shops with the designer logos.

Marina Village is a great place that has over twenty designers shops and retail that spreads over 65.000 square feet. Along with this you can also find causal dining to fine dining, as well as grab and go snack. It’s a hunt down for some of the best this vibrant place has to offer. The craft Center is known for the fabulous straw market, with hats, handbags and many handy crafts. There are over one hundred booths that sells handmade crafts here. You can find everything from clothing, paintings, candy and rum cakes. Androsia, which is a unique Bahamian fabric, made only here, with candles and driftwood painting shops, here the art of bartering comes into play no price is ever set in stone. If you are really interested when you find an item find out the price and let the games begin.

Fun facts that are available here is that it is home to four James bond Films and Pirates of the Caribbean. Enchantment and magical, you can find  flamingos that march on command. The Bahamas have excited people for years. The water stays at about eighty degrees all year-long. This pace offers a range of activities, from aquatic world, water slides and intense rapids at Adventure at Atlantis. Discover a vast array of activities like scuba and snorkeling. Get up close and personal with marine animals that this place has to offer.

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